I’ve finally found a place where everyone around me will accept me for who I am. A place where there is always someone to call at four in the morning when I have a break down. A place where there is always a hand to hold, a sweater sleeve to wipe away the tears, and a room full of laughter to keep the sad thoughts at bay. I’ve finally found the place where I will grow to be the best person I can be. I’ve finally found home, and 100 girls to share it with. This is the place I will always call home. This big white house on the corner. AOE. Love and Alpha Phi. 

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It’s always been you even when I didn’t want it to be, even when it broke my heart over and over again. It’s just always been you.

- Jay Crownover, Rule (via simply-quotes)
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Everything you love is here
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I know I’ve changed. Nothing gets to me anymore. Well, okay, except for stuff in the past. Back then I was all innocent and trusting and didn’t know anything.

- Laura Wiess, Leftovers (via simply-quotes)

How different would I be, if I’d never met him? Might I have had a normal dating life like my friends did, flitting from one guy to the next, never getting too serious or too invested in one while I was still so young? Who would I be if I hadn’t endured the heartbreak of losing him and losing that part of myself that was built around him?

- Beth Harbison, Always Something There to Remind Me (via simply-quotes)

My heart clenches. I still love this boy. The realization scares me. I thought I was over it.

- Tarryn Fisher, The Opportunist (via simply-quotes)

I just wish the memories would fade. I wish the songs wouldn’t bring tears. And, I wish that his name would stop making my heart tremble. I want to forget. I need to forget. I deserve to forget. I have to forget.

- Melissa Brown, Bouquet Toss (via simply-quotes)


Question everything that surrounds you. It is the only way to truly find who you are. Alyson. 19. Indiana.


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